Chemistry Tutoring in the Boston and Cambridge Area

Tutoring Rates

Both individual and small-group tutoring are available. Individual tutoring (meeting one-on-one with a single student) is most commonly requested by students, although small-group sessions (meeting with anywhere from two to six students at a time) is also possible and provides a more affordable option for some students.

Individual Tutoring

You can arrange individual tutoring sessions and pay at each session, or save money by purchasing a prepaid tutoring package.

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Single Session Rates:
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1 hour - $100
1.5 hours - $130
2 hours - $160

Prepaid Tutoring Packages:
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10 hours - $850 (Save $150 off the cost of 10 individual 1-hour sessions.)
20 hours - $1,500 (Save $500 off the cost of 20 individual 1-hour sessions.)
Students who purchase prepaid tutoring packages are strongly encouraged to set up a regular weekly tutoring schedule. Purchases of prepaid tutoring packages are non-refundable, and any unused hours cannot be reimbursed or refunded.

Small-Group Tutoring

Small-group tutoring is charged on an hourly basis, with the overall hourly rate dependent on the number of students in the group. As the size of the group increases, the hourly cost per student decreases.

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2 students - $50 per student per hour
3 students - $40 per student per hour
4 students - $30 per student per hour
5 students - $25 per student per hour
6 students - $20 per student per hour

The minimum length of time for all tutoring sessions, whether individual sessions or small-group sessions, is one hour, and longer sessions can be arranged if requested. Payment by cash or check is due at the time of meeting.

All tutoring will typically take place at a convenient public location, such as a cafe or library, in the Harvard Square area of Cambridge.